Wyndham City Council - Mainview Sports Pavilion

The facility consists of a conditioned Social Area, small kitchen/kiosk, change rooms, back of house spaces, and outdoor bicycle parking.

As part of the project brief Wyndham City Council requested that the proposed design:

  • Achieved a minimum ESD score of 50% using the Built Environment Scorecard (BESS).
  • Maximised hard surfaces connected to rainwater harvesting or WSUD treatments.
  • Incorporated facilities that facilitate waste recycling.
  • Be constructed with materials, finishes and fittings that meet Council ESD and sustainable procurement standards.
  • Resulted in a connected, universal access facility that encourages and provides for all travel options including pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and motorised mobility devices.
  • Be landscaped to provide urban heat refuge and enhanced ecological value to the site.

As the project ESD consultant, SBE assisted the Architect and Project Team incorporating the necessary ESD initiatives into a practical and cost-effective design