Woodleigh Junior Campus 5-6 Centre

A new building for the Junior Campus to introduce the 5-6 students to the concept of ‘house’ and collective informal learning.  These are important experiences for the students destined to move on to the Woodleigh secondary school.

In addition to achieving good daylighting and increased guaranteed ventilation rates the design demonstrated significant savings in terms of energy consumption, green house gas emissions and operating costs.

SBE has provided specialised consultancy services in order to optimise the design. Building simulation results estimate that the proposed building  will have a total predicted energy consumption of 254 MJ/m²/p.a. (mix of gas and electricity) with resultant Greenhouse Gas emissions of 42.65 t/CO2/p.a. (26% saving). The predicted operating cost have been estimated at $4,706.00/p.a. (25% saving). Building simulation has also demonstrated that the proposed building achieves these savings while maintaining the desired comfort ranges, increased fresh air rates and a useful daylight factor of 2.5 to 43% of the floor plate.