The Libertine

This 4 storey residential development contains 34 apartments with balcony, car and bike parking facilities, large central light court, and a roof top deck for common access. The proximity to bus services, the Northcote aquatic centre and High Street in Northcote makes this an attractive development for residents.

SBE was appointed to provide full ESD consultancy services from Town Planning through to Building Permit. By collaborating with the Architect and other members of the project team it was possible to optimise the buidling and achieve an average final NatHERS rating of 7.55 stars, with 10 of the dwellings rating at over 8 stars. Further estimated achievements of the development include:

  • Energy – 28% improvement over conventional practice.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions – The benchmark emissions for an equivalent conventional development are 7,727 kg/CO2/dwelling. The emissions target is 5,795 kg/CO2/dwelling and this development exceeds this with total emissions of 5,584 kg/CO2/dwelling.
  • Energy Peak Demand - 65.1% reduction.
  • Water - 37% reduction in potable water use including 20,000L of rainwater capture, storage and reuse for toilet flushing. This will equate to an annual saving of around 44 kL of mains water per dwelling.
  • Storm water - 100% STORM score which will remove 45% or more of the nitrogen contamination from the stormwater leaving the site.