Supply Co David Street




Forza Capital


Nov 2011

The project is to consist of an 11 storey development containing 64 x One Bedroom and 62 x Two Bedroom and 14 x 3 bedroom dwellings (140 dwellings in total). The prominent features of the development are:

  • Lift access to be provided to all apartments
  • A basement and ground level car park with 191 spaces
  • 49 bicycle racks in the car parking areas
  • Minimum of 3m3 dedicated storage space for each apartment
  • Every apartment has a balcony or yard
  • One retail space
  • Apartments incorporate shading (in some cases ‘operable’) and enhanced natural ventilation strategies.
  • Dwellings will achieve an average 6.6 Stars energy rating.
  • Reverse cycle split systems to each apartment will be specified to be within one star of highest available at time of purchase.
  • Energy efficient fluorescent and LED lighting throughout all apartments and common areas.
  • Minimum 4-star solar hot water storage with gas boost will supply domestic hot water to each dwelling and the tenancy
  • Collection of rainwater for toilet flushing and irrigation.
  • Bicycle parking provided to tenants.
  • Retention of heritage listed components of the original façade.
  • Energy – 40% improvement over conventional practice.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions – The benchmark emissions for an equivalent conventional development are 7,959 kg/CO2/dwelling. The emissions target is 5,969 kg/CO2/dwelling and this development exceeds this with total emissions of 4,740kg/CO2/dwelling.
  • Peak Demand 80.6% improvement over conventional practice.
  • Water - 33% reduction in potable water use (25% minimum required by council). This will equate to an annual usage of around 95.6 kL of mains water per dwelling.
  • Storm water - 106% STORM treatment will be achieved (100% minimum required by council)