A redevelopment of the Piedimonte Supermarket site is currently being explored.  The following is proposed:

  • Basement carparking (2 levels) including motorbike parks and an electric car charging point.
  • Supermarket (2 levels) 5473m2
  • 90 Apartments above
  • A large outdoor communal spaces incorporating significant planting (green roof).

An initial Assessment show that the project can satisfy the Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) and comply with the Better Apartments Design Guidelines recently adopted into Yarra Council’s Planning Scheme.  The following ESD features have been incorporated

  • 3 Star WELS rated (>6.0 but <=7.5 L/min) showerheads, 5 Star WELS rated kitchen and bathroom taps, 4 Star WELS rated WC, no baths, throughout and no urinals specified except for facilities in the Supermarket.  BESS calculates a 2% reduction in potable water demand due to efficient fixture and fitting selections.
  • A centralised 30,000L rainwater tank will collect water from the clean roof and will be connected to all the toilets in each apartment for flushing.    BESS calculates a 100% score for Rainwater collection & reuse.
  • NAtHERS ratings have been undertaken on a representative sample of the apartments. BESS calculated an average area weighted NatHERS rating of 7.8 stars. (Refer to Appendix 2 for energy rating reports). A 78% greenhouse gas reduction target.
  • Domestic hot water for the residences will be provided from a centralised seven star (equivalent) gas hot water boiler with a 20% solar contribution.
  • HVAC units for the dwellings (heating and cooling) will be 5 star reverse cycle.
  • Supermarket will target a 44% greenhouse gas reduction, using improved building fabric and lighting as well as HVAC and other equipment with higher COPs.
  • Over 400m2 of roof top communal spaces has been provided for the residents. Part of the roof top communal area will be green roof/garden  (non-trafficable)