The site is located within 500m of the Doncaster Shopping town Bus station and within the bounds of the Doncaster Hill Project.

Doncaster is at the heart of Melbourne’s eastern corridor. The Doncaster Hill Strategy is a $2 billion initiative adopted by the Manningham City Council as a response to increased demand for more appropriate, sustainable and diverse housing options that accommodate the municipality’s changing demographic and social needs. The initiative is rejuvenating the city centre and creating a fresh new future for central Doncaster.

The Doncaster Hill Strategy was adopted in 2002 and provides a 20 year vision to create a mixed use sustainable urban village with medium to high density housing that is within walking distance to shops, restaurants and workplaces.

The site is elongated in a north south direction making it difficult to minimise eastern and western facades. The western facade however is expected to benefit to a degree from shading provided from the adjacent building and additional shading has been introduced to deal with other areas where solar loads would otherwise have been problematic.

Some apartments benefit from dual exposure (openings on opposite sides of the apartment) through doors, windows and in some instances access to naturally ventilated corridor/lobby spaces. This access will assist apartment owners to harness the benefits of cross flow ventilation and cooling when desired.

The project benefits from the provision of recycled water from Yarra Valley Water (YVW) scheme for all apartment toilet flushing.