Oasis Hospital, Development, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

A New hospital (120 beds) to include:

  • Ground Level - entry atrium, clinics, enclosed link to the existing
  • Hospital + laboratory, cafeteria
  • Basement – Services, medical records, kitchen
  • Level 1 – Children’s ward, roof terrace, maternity ward
  • Level 2 – Operating theatres, recovery rooms, patient rooms
  • Level 3 – Patient rooms, staff café, terrace, green roof, plant room
  • Level 4 – Patient rooms, plant

Estidama* was developed to assess the sustainable performance of new construction projects in the context of the Middle East’s climate and culture. The program is not itself a green building rating system like LEED or BREEAM, but rather a collection of ideals that are imposed in an elective building code type of format. It provides both encouragement and a process for developers to gain recognition for the sustainable initiatives integrated into their projects. The program is voluntary.

* www.estidama.org

Estidama guidelines include consideration for:

  • Natural Systems
  • Liveable City
  • Resourceful Energy
  • Precious Water
  • Healthy Materials

SBE assessed the project against the Estidama categories and referenced other sustainable methodologies that could be used to complement and inform the sustainable outcomes of the project.