Craigieburn Regional Aquatic & Leisure Centre (SPLASH)

SBE has worked with PTA on a number of Aquatic Centres, providing advice on building fabric, daylighting, Building Code compliance, materials and water saving initiatives.  Recent projects have included WaterMarc, Sunshine Aquatic and the Doone Kennedy Aquatic Centre. The Craigieburn Regional Aquatic & Leisure Centre (SPLASH) is one of our latest and is to be completed in late 2017.

As part of the ESD services provided by SBE, building simulation has been conducted to demonstrate compliance with Section J of the NCC. The simulation results indicated an improvement over minimum DTS requirement of 55%. Further, it has been estimated that the facility will use 22.9L/visitor/day of potable water which means the facility has the potential to be placed amongst the lowest users of potable water compared to other operating aquatic centres in Victoria.