Costco Docklands

Costco’s first venture into Australia is located at Docklands.  The ESD initiatives integrated into the project have the potential to reduce energy consumption by 43 percent and potable water use by 85 percent compared to a standard retail development.

SBE provided assistance with town planning, Docklands Authority ESD reporting, daylight modelling and Section J compliance (using the JV3 methodology).

The building received the VicUrban Docklands ESD Award of Excellence. The following is a highlight of the environmentally sustainable design features:

  • Re-development of a used site with access to public transportation (ferry, bus and train).
  • Stormwater re-use for toilets and irrigation coupled with treatment in bio-retention beds.
  • Landscape of native plantings.
  • Bicycle parking and facilities provided for over employees and visitors.
  • Reduction in potable water consumption through the use of rainwater collection and improved water fittings.
  • Low lighting density supplemented by daylight through a roof of skylights.
  • Refrigeration heat recovery for the hot water system.
  • Improved indoor environment quality with low VOC materials, plantation timber and PVC reduction.
  • Centralised waste storage and collection areas.