Week 4

It was a busy week filled with new adventures…

Day 1 and 2

We revised the daylight model for the Keilor Rd project. We were still working to get to the required benchmark.  We had to think out of the box to obtain the necessary daylight by going back to the traditional approach of DTS method which required us to brainstorm window placements to achieve the maximum daylighting.

Day 3

Our 2nd project this week was a new mixed-use building with retail on the ground and 2 levels of carpark above.  We commenced with a DTS assessment and identified the building fabric requirements for walls, roof and floor. The later was particularly important, as we had to analyse the effect of floor inContact to the ground, using new provisions of NCC 2019. This led to the requirement of floor insulation.  The architect might come back to us to compensate on the floor insulation and find more cost-effective solution, in which case we then move on to JV3.  

Day 4

We were eager for Thursday as we had an opportunity to attend the launch party for the Levantine Hill winery and new production and function facility.  Rob had worked on the JV3 assessment for the building. He explained to us the challenges he faced and gave us his insights on how he managed to model the complex building facade. We explored the building precinct and become acquainted with the wines, the wine makers and history of the wineries.  The opening speech of Karl Fender from Fender Katsalidis Architects to the glorious views of the vineyard and the Yarra Valley along with the Beluga Cavier were some of the salient features of the party. The event was a huge success! 



Pooja & Prat 

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