Week 3:  A week of information overload, here it goes…  

To begin with, Sean gave us a quick overview of the NCC volume one 2019 standard considered as the rule book for energy efficiency for buildings. We also had an opportunity to go through the Section-J DTS provisions and understand them thoroughly. We then kicked off our Bacchus Marsh Sports Precinct project, the sports centre building is a ground-floor structure with a fancy facade with provisions for skylight, it also has horizontal and vertical overhangs. Rob briefed us on the project and explained the various building fabric elements as per DTS requirements stated under NCC 2019.

We began with roof and floor assemblies referencing the building structure for the R-value calculations. These assemblies were based on Rob’s explanation on the considerations required for R-value calculations including different layers of material, insulation, DTS build roof and floor requirements. We then moved onto the Window to Wall ratio calculations using the new facade calculator developed by ABCB, the videos posted by ABCB on how to use the facade calculator definitely helped with this task. This calculator compares the wall and glazing U Values of the proposed design to the DTS reference of NCC 2019 J1.5 Building fabric provisions. We successfully managed to complete the facade calculations by the end of day one, but unfortunately the east orientation of the building was non-compliant against the DTS requirements for the wall and glazing U-value and solar admittance.

Day 2,To tackle the problem of non-compliance we took an alternative approach and used JV3 modelling. Given that the building had a complex facade and geometry, we spent almost the entire day modelling the building using the IES VE tool. Sean helped us on a few occasions around the critical geometry of the building which got us through to complete the daylight modelling for the project, finally…

In the coming week we plan to get our heads around JV3 modelling… Stay tuned!


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