Our final week began with continuing our NCC study, combing through both the 2016 and 2019 NCC documents looking for changes to section J. The model was remade countless times in IES and extensive time was spent on glazing and façade calculators. The current results of the study indicate that the 2019 NCC criteria are stricter in some aspects, however allows greater flexibility in design. Here are some key points we have discovered thus far:

This week we participated in a site visit to the Eastland council office extension, this project was further developed than our previous site visits. Here we were able to witness insulation, glazing and HVAC installation. We sat in on discussions with contractors regarding feasibility of interior design materials.

To finish the week we began another IES VE JV3 assessment of a sports precinct, after our student housing project we were very relieved to have a single story project that our computers can handle. We are much more comfortable with this project after our previous experience with the student housing project and our NCC study.

Huge thanks to Sean, Rob and the whole Peddle Thorp team for being so welcoming, this internship has been more valuable than any classes we have taken at university. It has been a great chance to deliver real ESD reports, NatHERS assessments, JV3 analysis, waste management plans, storm water analysis and assisting with achieving council approval. It was fantastic to get some hands on experience with tools such as IES VE, FirstRate 5, BESS and STORM and a taste of the Green Star assessment process.    

Unfortunately this may also be the end of Broderick’s soccer career with the Peddle Thorp team with an undefeated streak since joining the team, if Broderick is around on Tuesdays he may make occasional cameo appearances. While our internship has sadly come to an end we will be popping around the office to complete our NCC study and work on some projects.



Thinking about incorporating ESD initiatives into your next project?

Whether you are considering incorporating ESD initiatives into your next project, or you need to demonstrate a commitment to sustainable design to planning authorities, or you need Section J reporting for Building Permit, we would love to hear from you!