Week 3


After a lovely long weekend, we have come back to hit the ground running. Jumping straight into the deep end we modelled our student housing project in IES. This project is a JV3 assessment which requires us to model the building thermals and daylighting with the Apache and FlucsDL extensions to the IES VE program. There were numerous troubles with developing a Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) model, with issues such as: modelling, assigning usage profiles, weather and materials to the construction. It was interesting to note how student housing is a NCC class 3 building and how it affects the design requirements in terms of daylighting and building usage. Alas we finally made it through and were able to compare the DTS building with our improved design which is passing all requirements except daylighting. We look forward to discussing with other stakeholders how to assess this issue as more windows will increase daylighting however also will increase the cost and thermal demand.

In our spare time we worked on another NatHERS firstrate5 assessment/ Town planning project which we are aiming to complete early next week. We also had the opportunity to sit in on a Green Star interiors meeting. Here we learned the difficulty of chasing up evidence for approval and how the Green Star application process is not so straight forward and has some leniency for negotiation. It was interesting to see how the differing parties of builders, contractors and ESD consultants were able to negotiate how the project will be completed.

Also in exciting news the Peddle Thorp soccer team has won their first soccer game this season with our Broderick kicking a whole ONE goal.

We are excited for next week. More to comeā€¦



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