**Let the good times roll! **

It’s finally my turn to say goodbye. Dramatically false alarmed everyone thinking my last day was on a Thursday (28 Feb) that is the last day of February whilst Sean actually planned for a Friday. Typical intern drama haha.

This week is a first taste of working a 5-day week with SBE and I’ve been kept busy. With the completion of 577 Little Collins Street report draft sent out to PTA Alex, (that took a bit longer than expected because it was a green star design and built template, something new to learn), I’ve alongside written a cover email drawing attention to the high glazing performance requirement (of course directly quoting Sean, but nevertheless I would say it’s an evident improvement in my ability to write formal emails). Ending 577 Little Collins Street on a Tuesday, I have allowed the rest of the week for a new project, that is my last one with SBE, 83 Sydney Road mixed development in Brunswick.

The client is aware of the development’s short in dimensions of lightwells per the requirement of the local council and hence required a daylighting assessment, together with standard ESD reports and online BESS.

Sydney Road, Brunswick, Daylighting = Yay! I live in the northern suburbs and Sydney Road is where the vibes are. Working on a project near your neighborhood is just so much fun coz you get to see the proposed development before everyone else sees it (then you can tell your neighbors, hey the Vietnamese baguette shop might be turned into a 5-story residential!)

Ah wells. Since this is my last blog, I really feel the need to sum up everything I’ve learnt and experienced in the past 12 weeks.




Council Submissions and Reports

Oscar, Sean and Rob

*****Yay! SBE! *****

Thank you for having us for the past 12 weeks!

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