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Moving on to new things


My time at SBE has sadly come to an end. It’s absolutely crazy how quickly 3 months can pass (and how big a Nutella calzone really is – but more on that later). In my last week at SBE I worked four days, with the first giving Sean and Rob a tutorial on how to use MUSIC and how to draft an SMP report. Trying to keep things as bite sized as possible, we managed to get through the day with as little confusion as possible, and throughout the remainder of the week they have both been working on their first MUSIC models. Outside of this, I’ve been working hard to tie up loose ends so I don’t leave my work unfinished, and the things I’ve created for SBE are put to good use. All my work (touching up the energy tool, the water calculator, the MUSIC help documents, etc.) have now been fully explained in SBE project folders so that when Sean and Roberto get back to them, they know what’s going on. I hope my impact has been helpful to some regard!

Back to the calzone, today (Friday) we’ve had the privilege of Sean and Roberto taking us out for a final lunch together. After having some beautiful food and wine, we were able to reflect on what a great experience these three months has been for all of us, not just us interns. I think it’s safe to say that we all left this experience richer than before. I especially left that lunch about 3kg heavier than before, after underestimating the size of a Nutella calzone!!

A very big thank you to not only SBE, but the Peddle Thorp group for being so accommodating throughout my time here. I have felt very welcomed in this group, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time gaining the experience I hope to project me to the next part of my career.

Until next time!


**Wishing Oscar all the best for his future endeavors! **

This week has been a celebration week – not because Oscar is leaving and I’m sadly left alone (it really makes a difference having a fellow SBE intern at work) but because it’s internship completion for both of us and new page of life starts for Oscar! I’m really excited for him as he is such an amazing companion and I can’t wait to hear from him about his amazing world tours ahead.

Work wise, this week has unfortunately been slow mainly coz I’m sick. (I really don’t feel sick but the morning sneeze and my throat think otherwise). Continuing with 577 Little Collins Street, again got caught up with studio lofts fully glazed to 3 sides of its façade because the most efficient glazing available in the FR5 system can only bump the apartments up to 4.8 stars, (needs a minimum of 5 stars to pass for individual apartment units, while all of them have to make up an average of 6). Briefly mentioned it to Rob and I’m sure he’ll definitely come up with something. (working the Rob magic)

IES wise the software has not been kind Sean and myself by some unexplained “non-socketing errors”, which forgive me, I don’t even understand what does that mean. Luckily Sean fixed it while I and Oscar sneaked out to do some shopping for our internship completion. Turns out one of the lofts was boiling at 90 degrees and it could be one of the reasons why the model failed.

This week has been shortened into 2 days that has kept me very busy, something I enjoy coz time goes by really quick but imposed a bit of challenge to progress as well, especially when it comes to unexplained model fails. Always been grateful that whenever these occur our mentors Sean and Rob never leave us alone.

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