Understanding things a little clearer:

Starting on the 21st, I entered this week with multiple projects to complete. Over the four days, I completed BESS and JV3 assessments for a Scout hall in Denmark (WA), a school sports hall in Armadale and a townhouse development in Bulleen. It’s been great to not only see these projects through from start to finish, but begin to see the difference in approaches for each project, and how they can affect the overall outcome in design. Beginning to see the ‘bigger picture’ in these reports and assessments rather than seeing them as simple reports to be finished has allowed me to be more critical of these developments, especially which aspects are ‘non-negotiable’. 
As well as exploring these assessments further, I was able to finish a first draft/test of my water calculator. Playing around with it through the week has led to some frustration but also excitement. It’s good to see it get used finally. 
We shall see what next week brings!

Don’t think I’ve ever crossed my fingers so hard (and so frequently)…..

If you have been following this blog, or ran into me when I was getting my coffee whenever my computer crashes, and I have been ranting to you about my Epping Private Hospital project - This is the week when all of us in SBE joined efforts to help me finish it up (coz it took me SO LONG). Team effort is always appreciated. 
The week started off with my daylighting simulation crashed, resulting in a loss of a small portion of work, (alongside with lots of weird model bugs) and as a result I had to bury my head into fixing them. (bugs include the model self-generating windows I’ve never put in and spreaded like a disease to all 4 floors!) From being really excited to building models this week I started to wanna finish it instead, after all due date is close. The completion of this project (or just passing it on to my poor SBE supervisors) has made me realized:
1.    Believe it or not: I actually have a talent in fixing models (or of course ruining them) From in the beginning it was such a chore now I’m just like, ok give it to me. I volunteer to debug all IES-model errors from now on. I really don’t hate it. 
2.    As much as I love the Epping Private Hospital Project, I can’t wait to start a new one coz this is heart attack hospital project since the IES software seems to really hate it and I need to cross all my fingers.
3.    1st simulation worked in Apache (thermal simulations) with NO errors. I had to say I’m a little proud coz normally it takes a few runs and errors till it start running. 
This week’s work is as dramatic as the heat outside, from being really rushed to start energy simulations just two days ago, to finishing draft reports taking only 2 days, this project has been a steep learning curve ever since it has been handed over to me and I’m guessing (and wishing) the upcoming ones will be cakes!

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