Getting into the thick of things:


The week starting the 14th has seen me heavily involved in the Clara Street project in South Yarra. Seeing it through from start to finish involved First Rate analysis, STORM assessments and the drafting of the BESS report. Once the report was finished, I was able to send the draft to the client and continue consultation with them about what changes might be required in the design to pass the ESD requirements when it’s submitted to town planning. This was a great learning experience as it further allowed me to see how multi-faceted these projects are, and how many stakeholders are involved. These complications can lead to many design changes in the modelling front; just speak to Millie about that!

Today (Friday) I’ve been able to spend an hour so continuing the water calculator program, toying further with how information should be presented. Hopefully by the time I’m finished here it’s developed into something that Sean and Roberto can use to present information in their reports.

Starting to appreciate the regularity of façade design …

I was continuing with the Epping Private Hospital project this week. Façade and glazing has been primarily confirmed with the architects (Stephen & Lauren) and the week started off seeing myself repetitively putting in finalised windows into the energy software IES. Copying and pasting was actually A LOT OF EFFORT! (While you are happily copying and pasting windows and did it for 100 times, then all of a sudden wake up and discover 1 irregular window and started questioning all l the work you’ve done in the past hour) I blame it on the computer! Of course! ;)

Had an initial chat with Stephen and Lauren and tried to explain to them what a BESS assessment is (BESS actually stands for Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard, I didn’t even know oops) Not surprisingly I did a questionable job since I later found Sean and Rob chatting to Stephen for another half an hour (oh no) when I was going upstairs coz coffee machine ran out of milk. HOWEVER, what I’ve learnt from (trying to) explain town planning requirements to the architects while their client is aiming an absolute minimum ESD target.

Show them what the minimum is if there is a requirement (I’ve passed them the completed stormwater report). Some of the requirements do have alternative compliance means (e.g. MUSIC assessment for stormwater) and it is possible for clients to change their mind or seek help from their service engineer to achieve those. (no need to stress or beat yourself up!)

When in doubt, seek help from your boss. (IMPORTANT LESSON LEARNT)

[editor’s note - Our discussion with upstairs was about big picture and future work with HSPC so its all good news Millie!].

Also would really wanna thank Lauren and Stephen for being SUPER helpful in my attempt to complete my first ESD report.

Look at this beast I’ve built from scratch :D

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