SBE’s interns received an Award of Merit from the Building Designers Association of Victoria for their 10 star house design.  We congratulate them on their efforts. 

Subject: 10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge 2018

Hello, Lauren, Poornima, and Xiangting

Thank you for your submission in the BDAV’s 10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge. The Judges have determined that a Certificate of Merit be awarded to you, in recognition of your efforts. 

During their deliberations, the Judges made the following observations about your submission, which we share with you to assist you further develop your skills:

Nonetheless, a well-considered submission, and worthy of a Certificate of Merit.

We appreciate the time and effort your collaboration put into this submission, and wish you every success as you all progress your career.



Giselle Grynbaum

Executive Officer

Building Designers Association of Victoria

+61 3 9416 0227

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