Goodbye from the SBE 2017-18 interns!!   L eah Reporting: This 11-week internship is coming to an end today and I do not want it to! While interning at SBE I have learnt so much in a very supportive work environment and had so many good experiences. Rob and Sean were very helpful mentors and have expanded my knowledge and skills about environmental design.  Working in this multidisciplinary team with Poornima and Mark has also been very beneficial for my interpersonal skills in a cooperate environment. The opportunities offered were very advantageous for my understanding of the Architectural industry. I was given the privilege of sitting in on meetings, going on site visits, working with other designers and having our design for the design competition we entered reviewed by practicing architects. As this week has been wrapping up we’ve spent time doing leaving reviews, getting shown projects that SBE is working on in IES and are still having a play with the Ladybug and Honeybee in Rhino. This internship has solidified my thinking that in my architectural career I want to focus on passive and/or regenerative design.   Thank you, SBE!        


Poornima reporting: Time flies and we are finishing our internship. This summer has been so productive, and I am grateful to SBE for providing me with the opportunity to do this internship. Apart from the technical training, I also got a chance to attend client meetings, have site visit, doing research and attending seminar. Everything helped me in broadening my horizons and clearing my perspective about my future goals. I have learnt a lot, gained technical and industry knowledge and built on my interpersonal skills. Being an International student and new to this field, it was an amazing (and much needed) experience to work and learn from industry experts. I also got to make great friends, Leah and Mark who have been wonderful to work with. We learnt a lot from each other’s experiences while working as a team and during brain-storming sessions. My university starts from next week, but this time I’ll be back with better skills and confidence, thank you SBE!!  


Mark reporting: Time is going very fast and this is last day for my internship. I am very happy that I did this internship during the summer. During the internship, I have learnt many software such as Firstrate5, Bess, IES VE and I got a better understanding of working in the office. The company working environment is totally different from school, but I still enjoyed working here. I didn’t have much knowledge about the architecture and design. Leah and Poornima were great colleagues because they really helped and explained a lot about design issues. Also, we have done the 10-star rating competition perfectly and hopefully we can get a great result for the competition. Moreover, I want to say thanks to our supervisors Roberto and Sean because they always give us the positive attitude and encourage us for all the projects. In conclusion, I am very happy with the whole internship and I will keep learning different skills for my future career.  

Thinking about incorporating ESD initiatives into your next project?

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