Say hello to SBE’s Summer Interns 2017!! SBE has welcomed their first ever interns, Mark Jin, Leah Tausan and Poornima Khare. The Interns will focus on learning new software, environmental sustainable building techniques and collaborative learning. The interns will be given the opportunity to enter the BDAV 10-star sustainable design challenge 2018, working together as a team, pooling their diverse background knowledge to develop a zero-net energy dwelling.   Learn more about Mark, Leah and Poornima as they introduce themselves: This is Mark and I come from China. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at RMIT University. My hobbies are singing and playing basketball. I am happy to do this internship at SBE because I am interested in buildings and environments.  I think this will be a good opportunity to learn new skills and software in a working environment. We are currently learning some software called Firstrate5.  Firstrate5 enables a designer to generate energy and heating and cooling predictions for houses and to rate the. I look forward to learning a lot more in the weeks to come. Hi, I’m Leah and I’m half way through a Masters of Architecture at The University of Melbourne. Over the past 4 years of study I have become very interested in sustainable and passive design that pushes the boundaries of current construction knowledge and how people interact/connect with their dwellings. I am a first-generation Melbournian, my heritage being South-Eastern European, and I am very proud to be living in this dynamic city. Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city; therefore, I feel designers in Melbourne should be actively trying to create dwellings that benefit our urban fabric and push environmental innovation. A moment that changed my perspective on sustainability and I feel has directed my career projection was an introduction lecture by Dr Helena Bender in my first year at Melbourne University studying a Bachelor of Environments.  She compared the way architects speak of sustainability to how others speak of their marriage. We define a successful marriage as ‘fantastic’ or ‘amazing,’ if we define a marriage as ‘sustainable,’ it isn’t good enough. Then why are we happy as architects when a building is considered ‘sustainable,’ a building should be ‘more than sustainable.’ When I am not behind a computer I enjoy spending time hiking, sipping coffee, patting other people’s dogs, doing yoga or competing in the sport of fencing.   Hi, I’m Poornima, from India. I did Engineering in Electronics and Communication in my undergrad from India and then worked as a System Engineer for around 2.5 years. Currently I’m pursuing Masters of Environment from University of Melbourne and just started my internship with SBE. I am specialising in Energy efficiency modelling and implementation stream, which builds on my previous work as an engineer. I was drawn to working at SBE as am particularly interested in sustainable buildings, design, energy efficiency and renewable energy sector and SBE’s internship program aligns perfectly with my career goals. I am passionate about the environment as much as I am interested in painting and cooking. I am so excited to develop and learn new skills during this internship. In the first week of internship, we were presented with the organisational structure, its working and different projects it handles. Also, we have been learning FirstRate, a mandatory tool for NatHERS rating. It helps us in building skills on assessing thermal performance of buildings. At the end of the week, we were briefed on the design competition, its rules and what is expected out of us.  Stay posted on this blog for our progress!!

Thinking about incorporating ESD initiatives into your next project?

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