The project is located in Hillcrest in Western Australia. The project consisted of the demolition of existing buildings fronting Harvest Road and Turton Street to make way for a two storey and three storey development comprising of 109 beds and has a maximum staffing allowance of 43 staff at any one time. The buildings have a total Gross Floor Area of 6,521m2.

This project was awarded a 4 star rating under the Green Star Healthcare Design v1 tool in 2016, which equates to Australian Best Practice.

Air-conditioning systems are a VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) system. The VRV system generally comprises centralised air cooled outdoor units with multiple indoor Fan Coil Units (FCU’s). All Fan Coil Units are capable of independent heating and cooling. The VRV systems will generally be heat recovery type to allow for simultaneous heating and cooling to occur between separate FCU’s, thereby reducing the system energy requirements.

The indoor units are zoned to match the space thermal loads and room operational characteristics.   Separate systems are provided for Common Areas and Bedrooms Areas.

The system COP for the VRV systems was based on the Mitsubishi Hi-COP R2 VRV system of 4.41 for cooling, and 4.49 for heating.

Fresh air is ducted to the back of fan coil units throughout the building via a centralised ducted system. Fresh air isprecooled/heated by Heat recovery units located at roof level. The heat recovery units will utilise the toilet exhaust to provide a degree of precooling/heating and DX coils shall operate as require maintaining a constant air off temperature. These units shall operate 24/7 to maintain constant building ventilation.

The Green Star Energy Calculator for the building estimated annual greenhouse emissions of 351,172 kg CO2/m2/year, which is a 44.6% reduction to the Green Star benchmark.

This building has been designed to maximise views to the outdoors for occupants with 81% of internal spaces (excluding basement, ensuites and plant rooms) with direct line of sight through window to the external environment (places of respite).

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