This ten storey office building, part of a mixed-use development located between Flinders Street and the elevated rail tracks, achieved a 5 Star Green Star Office Design rating in early 2009.

As the appointed Green Star Accredited Professional, SBE assisted the design team throughout the Concept Design, Design Development and Construction phases. The project’s proximity to the Yarra River led to a focus on stormwater quality and water consumption with the specification of water efficient appliances, fixtures and fittings and the re-use of rainwater for toilet flushing.

The predicted annual greenhouse emissions for Northbank Office Building is estimated to be the raw emissions of 757359 kg CO2/annum (normalised at 111 kg CO2/m2/annum) this is equivalent to a four and a half (4.5) star commercial base building (ABGR).

Dedicated central thermal plant located at Level 1, 2, 9 and 10 plantrooms to serve the office areas.  The dedicated plant serving the office includes:

Multiple water-cooled chilled water variable speed refrigeration machines complete with variable speed fans and the facility to isolate towers when not required.

Dedicated, natural gas fired, low temperature, hot water boiler and associated pumps to provide heating to the office areas.

Pressure independent VAV systems serving the office levels with separate units provided for internal and perimeter zones. All VAV systems incorporate outside air economy cycles.

Supply air on office floors is generally via sheet metal ductwork and flexible ductwork to high induction swirl type diffusers.

The amount of water used in the building has been reduced by using efficient fittings: 6/3L dual flush toilets; 2L/min urinals with an auto flush; 4L/min basin taps; and 9L/min shower heads.

60kL of rainwater storage capacity has been provided in tanks on Level 1. All rainwater run-off from the building footprint (1280m2) is directed to the tank for reuse in the toilets.

The estimated demand for water for reuse in the toilets is 163kL/month, based on twice daily usage of the 6/3L dual flush toilets.  The projected potable water consumption is 7.81L/person/day.

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